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More than just a fair, HOME AND LIVING EXPO is a space, a spirit and an atmosphere which reinvents itself every year through its partners:

The National Housing Week, initiated and organized by the Housing Ministry, partner covering first and foremost the “funding & insurance” section

The Ministry of Housing, as a significant supporter of this exhibition and initiator of the National Housing Week of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, strengthens the attractiveness as well as credibility of the HOME & LIVING EXPO.

The Chambre des Métiers, the incubator of manual talents which will highlight the potential of the local crafts

The Fédération Luxembourgeoise de l’Ameublement, clustering of the high influence professionals of the furniture sector in Luxembourg

MyEnergy, the mouthpiece for green energy will find its position as an expert for renewable energy and comes up with real solutions to face climate issues.

10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
L-1347 Luxembourg - Kirchberg

T +352 43 99 1
F +352 43 99 315