Home & Living Expo 14 to 22 october 2017

dedicated to housing and everything that goes with it!


Monday to Friday from 3 PM to 9 PM

Saturdays & Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM


    The event



    The exhibition is acknowledged as the Luxembourg event for lifestyle and trends for anyone with an interest in decoration, design and architecture. A true forum for discussion, discovery, presentation, proposals and meetings... the ultimate lifestyle Platform, in phase with the wide variety expected by consumers. Every Autumn, the exhibition unveils new trends for the coming year to all its visitors, who range from the most avant-garde to the most conventional.

    Mounted in partnership with the National Housing Week, HOME & LIVING EXPO is passion, quality and the exhibition in the Greater Luxembourg Region focusing on home essentials and everything that goes with them! For a brief window in time, this showroom hosts a concentration of over 300 specialists gathered together over nine days with the sole purpose of providing you with advice.

    In this all virtuel era, HOME & LIVING EXPO is a platform for interacting with the experts face-to-face.

    Join us at LUXEXPO THE BOX in Luxembourg-Kirchberg from the 14th to 22nd of October 2017. Housing, construction, renovation, furnishings and decoration will all be open books to you after your visit!


    National Housing Week


    From 15 until 23 October 2016, the National Housing Week, creates another highlight by joining the project HOME & LIVING EXPO. 

    For 20 years, the National Housing Week is informing visitors of  all existing housing funds on the diversity of approaches, formalities and different housing opportunities that meet their needs.

    Bringing together professional organizations, banks, insurance companies, public administrations, private associations and also real estate agents, developers, private builders, brokers, etc., this fair adresses to the general public and offers a complete overview of the real estate market in Luxembourg.

    Enjoy these 9 days and learn about such broad topics as the acquisition or rental of housing, mortgages and property in the territory of the Grand Duchy, discover solutions for sustainable housing and stay informed about other important topics in housing.

    In 2016, the fair will welcome you during 9 days, from October 15 to 23, at Home & Living Expo.

    More info: www.semainenationaledulogement.lu


    The event


    The Autumn Fair has evolved and has become Home & Living Expo, a fair dedicated to housing, construction, renovation, furniture and décoration.

    LUXEXPO THE BOX has created an innovative exhibition with attractive and relevant content in collaboration with the most credible partners and opinion leaders in the market - the Ministry for Housing, the Luxembourg Trade Association and the Luxembourg Furnishing Federation- in order to generate loyalty among its traditional visitors and target new consumers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

    Redefined exhibition sectors, an updated floor plan, a more extensive offering of online and offline services, new content and a communication plan matching the scale of the project: a wide range of innovative elements to help you achieve your participation objectives.

    Home & Living Expo, from 14 to 22 October, a consumer show, unique in its content and form!




    A new floor plan to provide an improved visitor experience and enable all exhibitors to receive optimum visitor traffic.

    Home & Living Expo will revolve around a new architecture, rethought to give greater service quality to visitors and exhibitors alike.

    The main elements of this new floor plan are:

    • 4 pavilions
    • 1 themed focus area at the heart of each pavilion
    • 1 visitor trail linking each pavilion
    • 1 additional route to help direct visitor traffic in each hall

    This new architecture enables visitors to see the entire show in one loop: an innovative and "guided" manner of covering the show which helps to improve the visitor experience and gives more visibility to all our exhibitors and partners.


    A reception area at the heart of each pavilion!


    Reception areas at the centre of each pavilion are available to exhibitors and external organisers who wish to invite their customers to a corporate event, product presentation, "incentive" event etc.

    Each of these areas contains the following:

    • A catering section
    • A reception section
    • A presentation section

    On request and after investigation, the area may be reserved for a private function and possibly prepared to meet specific requirements.




    Redefined and reorganised sectors to group together home basics and everything that goes with them!

    Home & Living Expo will feature:

    • Construction & renovation
    • Exterior design
    • Interior design, furnishing and decoration
    • Kitchens, bathrooms
    • Energy, heating, water, air
    • Shops
    • High tech & security
    • Services



    The basic essentials and much more!

    To improve the general perception of the event and respond to the requirements of our visitors and exhibitors, the show will supplement every level of visitor experience with new services:

    • Architecture and signage
    • Comfort and catering
    • Accessibility and capacity
    • Reception

    Please consult our social medias to stay up to date with the latest developments and the preparations being made.




    Dynamic, targeted and participative communication to maximise the impact of the changes!

    Dynamic: The communication plan for the event has been completely revised and the concept will be rolled out in three waves, "getting people to know it, getting people to love it, getting people to come to it"!

    Targeted: A full media approach through traditional media, press relations, social networks and targeted promotion activities aimed at the various groups of visitors and residents in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

    Participative: We undertake to give your special offers, innovations and prototypes a high profile and enhance your efforts. Send us this information so that we can pass it on to visitors and the press!


    The Organiser


    With many years of experience in hosting trade fairs and exhibitions, Luxexpo stages the Autumn Fair every year.

    A conference and exhibition centre, Luxexpo is a platform for meetings and promoting business activity that serves companies wishing to position themselves in Luxembourg, the Greater Region or internationally.

    Ever since 1976, Luxexpo has hosted the Autumn Fair, being changed to HOME & LIVING EXPO - THE event for the construction, renovation, interior design and decoration sectors.

    More information on Luxexpo



    10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
    L-1347 Luxembourg

    T +352 43 99 1

    F +352 43 99 315



    Take part in Home and Living Expo 2017


    Would you like to exhibit?

    • Enter your online booking request.
    • Confirm your booking request by paying your deposit invoice on receipt (30% of the total amount to be invoiced).
    • You will then be notified of the location of your stand.
    • Finalise your booking by paying the full amount on receipt of the final invoice.
    • You will then be sent all the access documents. 

    Would you like to register?

    Details of the online booking request here!

    Need more information?

    Contact the Key Account Manager Fairs & Exhibitions in charge of your application!

    Yoana Sevaille
    Contact for professional groups
    Tel.: +352 43 99 353
    Fax: +352 43 99 315

    Stephanie Neissen
    Contact for individual exhibitors
    Tel: +352 43 99 310
    Fax: +352 43 99 315


    Register online for Home and Living Expo!


    Would you like to register online? 

    • Enter your online booking request.
    • Print the email summarising your booking request.
    • Sign and seal the document at the foot of each page, preceding your signature with the words "Read and approved".
    • Return the document to LUXEXPO THE BOX by:



    L-2088 Luxembourg


    +352 43 99 315


    Contact for individual exhibitors: stephanie.neissen@remove-this.thebox.lu

    Contact for professional groups: yoana.sevaille@remove-this.thebox.lu

    Register now!


    Your booking request will only be confirmed after payment of the deposit invoice (30% of the total amount to be invioced) sent to you by Luxexpo. This invoice is payable on receipt.

    Do you have any questions, or need advice? 

    Contact the Key Account Manager Fairs & Exhibitions in charge of your application!


    Yoana Sevaille
    Contact for professional groups
    Tel.: +352 43 99 353
    Fax: +352 43 99 315

    Stephanie Neissen
    Contact for individual exhibitors
    Tel: +352 43 99 310
    Fax: +352 43 99 315




    Press releases


    More information on the Home & Living Expo!

    This page contains a set of downloadable items on the Autumn Fair for media professionals:

    HOME & LIVING EXPO 2016 - Opening Press Release (french version)

    HOME & LIVING EXPO 2016 - Closing Press Release (french version)

    Please feel free to contact our Communications Department if you have any other questions or would like to arrange an interview with LUXEXPO THE BOX management. 




    Partners of Home and Living Expo


    In partnership with:

    and in cooperation with


    The Event in brief


    From Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 October 2017

    Adults: 5€
    Under 18 years: Free

    The Autumn Fair has changed its name and has become Home & Living Expo, a fair about housing, construction, renovation, furnishing and decoration.
    From 14 to 22 October 2017, LUXEXPO THE BOX organises the fair that responds to new consumer expectations: meet the essentials of housing and everything that goes with it!
    Home & Living Expo takes place at LUXEXPO THE BOX in the halls 2,3,7,8 and 9 and is accessible through the north and south entrance. The National Housing Week is organized in parallel with this exhibition and will be located in Hall 9.

    Tel: +352 43 99 1
    Fax: +352 43 99 315


    How to arrive

    10 circuit de la Foire Internationale
    L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
    Tel: +352 43 99 1 / Fax: +352 43 99 315

    A1/ Exit 8
    Kirchberg Plateau


    Kirchberg Parking

    Public transport


    To Luxexpo


    Where to sleep


    Located on the Kirchberg, the heart of the financial and business district of the city of Luxembourg, and within a stone’s throw of the European institutions, LUXEXPO THE BOX is 7 km from the airport and 2 km from the city centre away. There are many types of accommodation available for its clients. 

    As a convention destination, the city of Luxembourg offers a wide range of accommodation in highly modern facilities. The city hotels, from simple guest houses to luxury hotels with swimming pools and piano bars, will satisfy the requirements of each and every one.  

    Please visit the Luxembourg City Tourist Office website which contains an exhaustive list of hotels and other accommodation solutions in and around the city of Luxembourg. 


    Where to eat


    5 theme-restaurants for every taste! Treat your taste buds to the best of local produce, enjoy delicious pizzas and other international specialties, enjoy a snacks in the tea room, choose from our pretzels, sushi, burgers, desserts and other specialties.


    What to do


    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a country at the very heart of Europe, combining modernity and tradition to provide a great variety of attractions and advantages!  

    Discover the city of Luxembourg, a multi-cultural city full of history. 

    The plethora of museums, castles and fortifications, the country and its capital are overflowing with art treasures and boast an incredible range of cultural sites and landscapes that are as charming as they are fascinating. 

    Take advantage of a night life featuring every type of event and a wide range of recreational activities combining entertainment, physical effort and exceptional experiences. More information on the websites of the Luxembourg for tourism and the Luxembourg City Tourist Office





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    Home and Living Expo

    Octoberfrom 10/14/2017
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